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We enjoy creating our own products and brands, from natural hand-picked herbal tea, to clothing stores and iPhone/iPad applications. It keeps us on our toes and gives us an edge we then apply to our client work, constantly overlapping industries and drawing inspiration from one to another. There’s a nice synergy doing work for our clients and being one ourselves.

The Beginnings

The Beginnings offers strengthening raw food ingredients from around the world. The wild, uncontaminated power of life. The visual identity has been created using patterns from unique places around the world. By combining and contrasting these patterns, we've brought the wild of the jungle into the wild of the city.


The visual identity of GORS emphasises the beautiful linguistic nuances that differentiate the Latgalian dialect from the mostly used Latvian language. We created a set of colorful tags that cover specific letters of well-known Latvian words and discover the same word in the Latgalian dialect.

Wenden Furniture

The essence of Wenden Furniture is fiercely focused craftsmanship. Wenden produces the highest quality chairs recognised and sold in Sweden, Finland, Great Britain, Austria and Germany, exclusively using birch as the raw material.


Miesai is a Riga-based brand with the goal of producing signature goods for urban professionals. Their products are simple, clean and carefully crafted, down to every last detail. In order to let the various product lines tell their own stories, the visual identity had to feel raw, almost un-designed.

Latvijas Piens

«Latvijas Piens» (The Milk of Latvia) is an enterprise fully owned by local farmers, representing more than 600 Latvian dairy producers – brave, determined and honest people, each with a unique story and inspiration. Our task was to develop a lasting identity that transcends temporary trends and serves as a platform for the different characters, sub-brands and collaborations.

Riga Districts

Riga, the capital of Latvia, is made of 58 districts. Each one of them has its unique name, size, character and history. Together they shape our city. In the time where the physical gets replaced by the digital, we wanted to design a tangible map.

Rhythm Church

Rhythm Church Miami is a community of people following Jesus and living in the rhythm of God’s kingdom. We joined in to help deliver an identity and website that reflects the spirit of Miami and the new congregation.

Mailboxing game

Our first iPhone & iPad game Mailboxing is now available on the App Store. A single-tap 3D arcade that lets you become the neighborhood hero chasing after the sneaky postman in a frenzy, smashing every mailbox standing in the way. Unlock new characters, avoid traffic and obstacles, and collect gas cans to prolong the ride. Oh, and look out for the cops and the detonated mailboxes!